Recognizing that each organization and profession is
unique, Jeanne works in tandem with clients to develop
and deliver programs that honor their specific populations and
cultures; from Seasoned Executives to Front Line Supervisors, from
Engineering to Sales, and well beyond.  Her interactive, engaging and
light-hearted approach allows Jeanne to connect with organizations
and individuals to develop their skills, abilities and effectiveness.

JHC offers a broad suite of research-based services, which can be
customized and/or combined, in the following areas:

  • Training & Development
  • Team Development
  • Organization Development  
  • Train the Trainer

One of the true hubs of the Southern California Organization
Development community, Jeanne boasts a wide range of associate
relationships.  She is also a prodigious speaker, lecturer and professor.  
To discover how Jeanne Hartley Consulting can increase the
effectiveness of your people, teams and organization, please contact
Jeanne Hartley Consulting (JHC) is a Training and
Organization Development consultancy based in Los
Angeles.  With over 25 years of experience, Jeanne
Hartley is a dynamic, experienced and respected
professional who has been described as "a
practitioner's practitioner".  Her programs for corporate
and non-profit organizations focus on practical
techniques that effectively improve leadership,
communication, teamwork and sustainability.